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      Hello! Welcome to Pearl Dolls.

      Owning and designing Pearl Dolls is a dream realised for me. I was looking for a doll for my daughter that was very good quality and had hair that could withstand a lot of play without becoming unmanageable. The options I found weren’t of the quality I was looking for so I decided to design my own. Since then I've also enjoyed hand-making special releases of dolls' clothes and creating our custom Pearl dolls.

      Pearl Dolls is founded on the desire to offer longevity and quality in a world of ‘fast toys’; and the belief that dolls offer a beautiful way for children to engage in imaginative play. Dolls foster make-believe and are a way for children to role-play and develop social awareness and empathy.  

      Thank you for joining me on this adventure. Welcome to a world of beautiful and imaginative play dates!